“Daddio in Quarantine” by Joseph Hebert

A fatherly pharmacist

Saw me scream and writhe and wince

When I caught a glimpse of the needle’s glimmer—

Pinned by nurses and doctors and mom—

Jabbed, rain down my eyes,

Do you remember?


I don’t glance at the needle this time,

Just my dad, scared. His face

Is covered along with his hands,

Plastic and cloth hide his skin.


But his hands are

Shaking and—I used to be quite

Scared of these—my voice

Surprises me.


I remember, he says

As he stabs me

And I don’t feel anything.


Biographical Note: Joseph Hebert is a second-year student at the University of Mississippi in Oxford studying English Literature and Political Science.  He is an avid believer in the power of literature and hopes to eventually pursue a career in Academia. In his free time, he enjoys skating around campus, exploring nature, and consuming stories in all forms.