The Race of the Mind and Body

My Mind is scrambling up words except for “I believe,”

My stomach is turning in knots,

My legs are ready to go out and achieve,

My heart yearns for one of the higher spots,


The scrawny old man appears,  

The gun points to the sky,

It’s time to get rid of my fears,

Not fall and cry,


The Gun goes off with my mind blank,

My legs move faster than before,

My body is moving controlled like a tank,

Moving through a zone of war,


Pushing through the pain,

All the people begin to fade,

I won’t let all my hard work go to vain,

Not even for some shade,


The last Mile is near,

One girl catches me,

It’s time to switch a gear,

And run carefree,


This is what I chose,

I cannot stop,

With the finish so close,

I need to stay on top,


I cross the line,

Feeling thrilled,

And on a lifeline

With my heart now filled.