Crazy Bus

Once upon a time I was the most beautiful girl in the world. I walked across a bridge and as I walked the concrete crumbled And as I fell into the river, I could hear the mighty echo Of a million souls before me, and I awoke on a bus. As we drove the streetlights melted, making fire in my eyes. Above the great spinning orb we call home We’re all staring at the same sun. Tomorrow’s ever pending and today’s already gone. Hold on tightly and don’t be afraid to close your eyes You’re always falling into sudden wakeup Just before the greatest splash of all time.

Thrift Store Pearls

I left a trail of pearls to where I am So if you need me, follow them They’re extra shiny So you’ll see them across the world. And there I’ll be in my bed, A rhinestone band upon my head Pretending I’m a flapper With a fake cigarette.

Then I’ll ask you Rhetorically, of course Why is it always cheap pearls and wine in a box?

Rochester, New York

Such a small, lonely city Decades of despair Simmering under skies Smoldering, red smog clouds Against the black and weary night University students huddle Against wooden mattresses Outside homeless, hopeless People claimless to the beauty That is life. This is our city.

You didn’t answer your phone And I thought you were sleeping, Perhaps with someone else In your arms, those stiff pillows Is that really my biggest fear? Or is it leading myself on When the flame burned out so long ago The candle wax is pure gone.

I wait for the sound of your car The rumbling of metal From 1994. The New York plates alert us where we are But what good does that do With no clue what comes tomorrow?

Upstate, upstate The weather grows cold One day we will graduate, It will all be over. Until then, lets waste away Before we shrivel up and die The first wrinkled leaves of autumn Alert us where we are.

Cait Munro is a rising senior at the University of Rochester, pursuing a double major in Art History and Film/Media Studies. She is currently spending the semester abroad in Amsterdam, NL. Cait enjoys traveling, writing, art, fashion, cooking and rock music. She is honored to be featured in Outrageous Fortune!