Crows in Standish Park

The sky is blue without birds who take refuge– crows crowd the branches making such a racket that one cannot help but be among them in the darkening cold.

They are alive, it seems–

all taking off now– all flapping– the sound of this as cold as the air around–

somehow it’s as satisfying as anything else in the world and I feel awaken in me a love so precious and delightful that it delights at these stupidly birds the eachness of which every blue and flying and those calling– sounding the retreat– my senses! desire is finished defeated for the moment in history I have their cries are music–

how could they not be singing your song which I have hungered over and lusted for its tones so discretely injurious–

and theirs so uniform as if it’s all figured out among them–

they don’t need us– they don’t know who you are.


Ernie LoBue is currently a senior at Knox College in Galesburg, IL. He is a Creative Writing major with a Music minor. He was born in Trappe, PA and grew up in Statesboro, GA. After college he plans to tour with his band and continue to get published. After awhile he plan to go to grad school, probably for Creative Writing.