“Growing” by Joshua Spicer

I was birthed from the earth

of Mother Nature, breaking

her soft, wet skin and blossoming

into a 70-year-old Beat. Currently,

Kerouac and Ginsberg are emptying

flowerpots on my bright green leaves,

bursting into my cells and rejuvenating

my writing style and ideas on life.


I want to seduce and make

love with the sky until she is wet and pours

her rain on my stem and have it drip down

to the essence of my soul that breaths in the

sun’s rays and the wind’s waves that wash

over me with the bliss of knowledge and

power to think the thoughts I always thought.


“Neurological Bridges”

When you travel over neurological bridges

Every day, eventually your curiosity

Will take hold and you will venture down below…


I walk beneath to familiar sand

where my old footprints line the shore.

I swear I’ve been to this dreamy land

but some stones are here that weren’t before…


Small stones I recognize from years ago

that still feel pure and clean in my palm,

and still skip as far as the moonlight will show,

but memories fade when the water calms


I also find stones, covered in dirt

that reek of wasted time and salty tears

and I look up at the stars who’s stare still hurts

with their traumatized eyes that remind me of years


That I keep buried beneath my thoughts.

I’ll stay on the bridge where memories are not.


“Westminster Abby”

The way the walls crawled

Like spiders above me,

Clawing into the large ribs

That s t r e t c h e d across

The ceiling.


The eeriness of the tombs


That stared                   forever,

Gold encryption covering

The Dead, who

People swarmed,

unknowing of who they really were.


As the cross









T       E    h     O  s

   H      C     a

Of the crowd of Christians,

all I could think about was


How many homeless people out in the

cold dark world could sleep comfortably

in here, away from the judgement of the dark?


Biological Note: Joshua Spicer was born and raised in Massachusetts on the North Shore. He currently is a student pursuing a bachelor’s degree in English literature at Roger Williams University. Over time he has built up a presence in the poetry community on different social media platforms. He has published a collection of poems titled “The Loudest Whispers” which was published by Lulu publishing. He hopes that his poetry can make an impact on the world and that his words can stand the test of time. His poetry Instagram is @spicy_writes