“Fear” by Krizen M. Vega

we are the future

but we’re not allowed to feel

the emptiness left behind from our


they tell me, “it’s no big deal.”

your fate comes for you

all of a sudden, it’s knocking at your door

but since then,

I boarded up my windows

and hid beneath the floor

but the future, it waits for no one

she doesn’t care who’s hurting

immigrants or natives,

all at once we’re burning

fire and spit and politics galore

how am I supposed to learn how to live,

if I’ve taken shelter beneath my floor?



It used to feel like the end of the world

But I’ve now learned to love the eccentric.

I love the things that people overlook,

The qualities that most like to ignore.

Mistaken paint drops God seemed to have dropped

Straight onto a clean, caramel canvas.

The mystery and intrigue of a shop

Hidden away in the depths of the earth.

The insecure laughter of a teen girl,

Or a tall man ducking under a door

Even though he did not want to attend.


I like the overwhelming opinions

Of those who’ve blatantly done their research.

The quirky buttons on a vintage vest,

Worn by those who are happy in their skin.

I romanticize both the bold and the

Subtle, those who are ashamed and those who

Claim their lives, either holy or truly.

I’m in love with the unique parts of us,

The rejected misfits of existence.


Biographical Note: Krizen Vega is a third-year student in the School of Business at Texas Wesleyan University. She is currently working towards her bachelor’s degree in Marketing and has been awarded a spot on the Dean’s List three years in a row. Despite her love for writing poetry, this will be her very first publication in a magazine. When she isn’t sketching out designs or drafting essays, she enjoys spending time with her family and her 4-year-old German Shepard, Arleene.