“So It Goes,” “Children of Divorce,” and “The Wrong Dress” by Ashley Shufflebarger

“Last Night of Summer” by Breanna Heckner

“The Parthenon’s Scattered Pieces,” “Skychild,” and “The Curator of Santorini’s Art Exhibition: Her Name is Iris” by Brian Toups

“My Mother’s Laughter,” “Wildfire of 1994, Valley County,” and “Wildlflower of Historiography” by Christopher Ketchum

“In Mary Jane’s House,” and “Someone Told Me” by Deborah Fordjour

“Tears,” “Growing Up,” “Metaphors,” “Pella: Hometown Profile,” and “Reasons to Live” by Emalea Diehl

“Caldo de Camaron” by Flor Urbina

“Yellow-Orange” by Janice Collova

“Choice” by Raquel Johnson

“Nightmarish” by Sarah Rae-Ann Williams

“The Other 95%” by Sydney Smith