Last Night of Summer


sittin’ in the sea of comfortability

waftin’ in the waves of familiarity

it’s the mary jane

that got me feelin’ so beautifully


headin’ out to see that orange disguise

created by the moon and the sunrise

so many clouds masquerade the stars

from my blue eyes


draggin’ on my cigarette

my hair still a little wet

chattin’ about space

and all its mystery


explorin’ possibilities of

what’s actually out there

who’s lookin’ down here

makin’ our heads spin

with just normal conversation


stars start to peak out

hidin’ amongst the trees

the smokin’ time has come and gone

just like the light breeze


admire the scene just a little more

before we go back inside

and close the door

back to the sea

and away from the sky




Biographical Note for Breanna Heckner

Breanna Heckner is a sophomore at the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point, currently majoring in English with a minor in Creative Writing. She loves curling up with a good book or her laptop, sleeping in as late as possible, and spending time with her loved ones.