Lissa Fulton

Friend (A Sonnet to a Leaf)


When I was young I did not have a friend

So good as you who slept there on the ground

In the season after the summer’s end

Oh, joy when I your bright colors had found!


From the grey earth you caught my youthful eye

I picked you up and called you my true love

I spun you and kissed you and watched you fly

I held you between my heart and my glove


Your life I did not know was fading fast

You hid the truth beneath your vivid skin

And I could not know what would come to pass

As the cold air drained you dry from within


And many a friend I’ve had since that day

But your memory still vivid does stay


Melissa Fulton is a transfer student beginning her junior year at Mary Baldwin University after earning her Associates Degree at Central Virginia Community College. She is a double major in English and Theater, and student worker at Martha S. Grafton Library. She enjoys writing and painting/drawing in her few unoccupied hours.