Alexis Gonzales

Spring is finally upon us.. yay! I’m not sure about you but I’m honestly so ready for this warmer weather (of course being from Texas I’m always ready but that isn’t the point). Cute spring clothes, perfect weather for outdoor fun, blooming of vivid flowers; How does that not say amazing?! Speaking of cute spring clothes, we can’t forget about spring cleaning. Are you one who favors or dreads the clean? I mean besides the chaos in the midst of the clean, we all got to admit it’s a great feeling when it’s all said and done, plus most the time you’ll find a piece of clothing you totally told yourself you’d wear but never did or find an object that immediately brings a flow of memories and emotions back, it’s like a treasure hunt. Personally, I enjoy the cleaning because of the results after, I feel so fresh and renewed, with curiosity about what new style I’ll experiment with next. I hope this spring and many more are good to you. Don’t forget to be awesome. #HappyFirstDayofSpring