Good-Reads for Autumn

Ambrosia Woliver


  Whether leisure reading is new to you or second nature, it never hurts to look around for hidden gems. Throughout my book-indulgent experiences, I’ve fallen in love with a variety of soul-haunting books: books that leave you wondering and wishing you could read them for the first time all over again. Even those who despise all books and moan in agony at the mention of one will succumb to the mysterious, thought-provoking, and encapsulating effects of these outstanding novels.


1.) The Outsiders – S. E. Hinton

    In this brilliant coming-of-age novel, Pony Boy, his two brothers, and three close friends endure the hardships of being eastside “Greasers” in the 1960s. Being an orphan and perpetually bullied by the westside “Socs”, Ponyboy and his best friend Johnny take action to change their lives, only to be faced with turmoil and tragedy. Will his brother bail them out? Will they make it out alive? Become enthralled in this astounding story of friendship, loss, love, and meaning as you venture through the creative mind of Ponyboy Curtis.


2.) Frost – Marianna Baer

Main character Leena couldn’t be more excited to begin her last year in boarding school. She and her two best friends, Viv and Abby, are given the opportunity to live in Frost House: an old two-story dorm-house tucked away to the edge of campus. After moving in, her excitement is squandered when she finds that pesky, over-dramatic Celeste Lazar will be spending the year in Frost House as well due to her broken leg. Despite this inconvenience, Leena finds a happy medium upon meeting Celeste’s hot older brother, David. As you weave deeper into the story, strange noises, movements, bruises, and something about Celeste’s closet begin to consume her life. Anger, irritation, confusion, and the eerie, but subtle warning coming from the house will wrap you up in a whirlwind of emotions. The haunting of Frost House will reside far beyond the bounds of the book directly into your mind forever.


3.) hush, hush – Becca Fitzpatrick

Tenth-grade highschooler Nora lives a fairly normal life in a farmhouse with her mother on the foggy edge of Coldwater, Maine. Together, she and best friend Vee push through the difficulties of high school and long-time nemesis Marcie Millar. After being paired with a mysterious biology partner, Patch, Nora’s life will never be the same. Everything she thought she knew before has been wiped away by the unbelievable truth she has discovered: no one can be trusted. This page-turner is sure to keep you enthralled in every line and hanging on to every word as Nora gets closer to the truth about Patch, his involvement in her life, and his hair-raising knowledge of her personal history. P.s. read it already? Meet new characters, uncover gut-wrenching information, and indulge in the rest of Nora’s journey in the next three books of the series, “Crescendo”, “Silence”, and “Finale”!


4.) In a dark, dark wood – Ruth Ware

During a cabin-in-the-woods Esque bachelorette party, Leonora, an old friend of the bride to be is keeping a dark secret. With each chapter a new plot twist, with each new puzzle piece, an astonishing discovery is made. Keep your lights on and curl uptight with this book because I can promise you won’t be putting it down until you’ve read the very last sentence.


If you’re looking for warm, heartfelt endings, this list is for you, but if you’re looking for chills and thrills you’re in the right place too. From brotherhood, heart-breaking tragedy, and teenage turbulence to spooky, bone-chilling stories, this list has it all. Sharpen your mind and escape the real world in these mystifying works of fiction. Happy October!!