I never really had a single story that affected my life, but many people have seen a single story of myself. I have always had the outlook that everything that happens or that is being done happens for a reason. Every individual has his or her own story and as they grow, they think, re-write, and translate their stories in a way that they are more able to understand. From a young age, I started reading a wide range of books on many topics and genres and I have never accepted a single story. To me, each individual is like a book, and you have to read further before being a judge.

Stories flow with experience and each one talks about a specific point, identity, value, and boundary. Individuals have different sides to them, one that they show to everyone else and one that they keep to themselves. When thinking about it, no one knows anyone; you only know as far as what they choose to tell you. There was a time when I disappointed my teachers after getting into a brawl with someone in school, it was due to the fact that they have only seen me as a great student, and role model.

Conversely, People have to understand that everyone is human, and, yes, everyone makes mistakes. How else will people learn? No one is perfect. There are a lot of people accepting a single story; racism continues because of those individuals who cannot let go of the past. A single story is accepted when a person is judged based on the actions of another person from the same race or ethnicity group. As a result, you have individuals judging, deciding, creating, and doing things based on that one single outlook unknowingly repeating the same mistakes that many before have committed.

It’s upsetting that people can be so quick to jump to conclusions without knowing the whole fact of something, without even giving the person a chance, without asking themselves why or how did this person become the person they are. Overall, the effect of a single story pushes people to have to do more, be more, and better themselves because, in the eyes of others who look down on you, you will never be seen as worthy. My readers, I want you to understand that everyone has multiple sides to them and that in order to truly comprehend those sides, you must be open to learning about diverse experiences and viewpoints