Books have been a huge part of my life, ever since I was a child. I cannot imagine my life without them and to be honest what is the point of living if I did not have books in my existence? Books are not just to educate, but they are a means of experiencing different worlds. There are many benefits to reading; increasing vocabulary and comprehension, improving memory, focus, and concentration, and increasing your imagination and creativity.

For me, books are a means to escape the daily toil of my life. There is nothing like picking up a good book and getting lost in the story as I experience different worlds beyond my imagination. Books are also a way for me to connect with other people. I find them to be great conversational starters. Even though I meet people who have different tastes in books I can always ask the reason why this certain book is their favorite, or why they like this certain genre.

I love when people recommend me their favorite books. I find it as a window into their soul. It makes me feel a lot closer to the person. I also find it beneficial as it broadens my horizon, forcing me to read something that I normally never read. The excitement that I feel whenever I pick up a new book is like a child at Christmas.