I have this comfort series that I tend to reread about once a year. Green Rider, by Kristen Britain, is one of my favorite fantasy series. It is my go-to series whenever I am in a book slump and nothing new is grabbing my interest. We all have at least one comfort book or one comfort series due to the familiarity.

Why I love this series so much is because it was one of the first few books that I read when I got out of my depression, so it holds a special meaning in my heart. I also love the world that Kristen Britain created. She is one of the few fantasy authors that slowly builds her world over time and does not overwhelm the reader by condensing the world-building into the first book like most high fantasy authors tend to do. She slowly introduces us to the history and the characters of the world she created and by the time I’ve read her most recent book in the series I have a better understanding of the history of the world she created. Every time I reread The Green Rider series; it feels like I am revisiting old friends. I ended up having to rebuy the series due to wearing out the previous books. Even though I reread the series once or twice a year, most often I reread my favorite scenes. Sometimes I read the books out of order, depending on the mood.

I enjoy the premise of the series. An evil is returning to the land of Sacoridia when magic is basically obsolete and much of the country’s history has been forgotten. The main character, Karigan, is part of the king’s special messenger service. The messenger service is unique due to the fact that each person has a special magical ability kept hidden from the rest of the population. It is up to Karigan and the rest of the messenger service try to stop the evil that is returning. It may seem a bit cliché, but you have to enjoy the cliched moments in life.