“Anticipation,” “Her Blue Eyes,” and  “Incandescence” by Emily Spanos (Towson University)

“Blizzard” by Kellie Rendina (The College of New Jersey)

“Blue” by Darius Sadighi (New York University)

“Captain’s Glory” by Taylor Campbell (UW-Milwaukee)

“Colored Looks,” “Peace,” and “Waiting Room” by Juan Holmes (University of Arkansas)

“Flight Attendant at 10 a.m.” by Annie Persons (Washington and Lee University)

“Forget” by Jennifer Pence, Mary Baldwin alumae (University of Kentucky)

“On the Ropes” and “Sonny Liston as a Metaphor” by Kyle McGinn (University of Wisconsin – River Falls)

“Prairie” Kate Belew (Kalamazoo College)

“Skeet” by Wyatt McMurry (Eckerd College)

“The Last Night” by Savannah Jual Martin (University of Arizona)

“Undeveloped” by Sean Thompson (Mesa Community College)