Things I’ve Learned From Being Single

Ni’Asia Griffin

Dear Beautiful People,

I am here to tell you the  “Things I’ve Learned from Being Single”, usually people can be disappointed about being single around Valentine’s Day. Have no fear, I am hear to personally tell you the perks of being single!

The 10 perks of being Single

  • You control your time and money
  • You are have unlimited freedom
  • You do not have any commitments
  • You can enjoy your own company  
  • You do not have to debate on what food place to grab food from
  • You can get lazy with in your grooming ( you do not have to shave your legs ladies!!)
  • You have time to work on you
  • You can create the life you love and desire  
  • You can be as selfish as you want to be
  • You do not have to meet your significant other’s family

So, do not stress about being single this year! Everything is going to be okay! If it really bothers you then, there is always next year!