I wanted to kick off this post with some of the biggest women’s rights and sharing the road ahead for women. I received all of this information from Your Dream Blog. I thought it was important to share with you all. 

1848 — New York passes the Married Women’s Property Act. For the first time, a woman isn’t automatically liable for her husband’s debts; she could enter contracts on her own; she could collect rents or receive an inheritance in her own right; she could file a lawsuit on her own behalf. She became for economic purposes, an individual.

1973 — With its Roe v. Wade decision, the U.S. Supreme Court declares that the Constitution protects women’s right to terminate an early pregnancy, thus making abortion legal in the U.S.

2013 — Reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act. The new bill extends coverage to women of Native American tribal lands who are attacked by non-tribal residents, as well as lesbians and immigrants.

These are a few highlights of women’s rights that we have! There are more however, I only listed a few, if you are interested in reading the rest. Here is the link: History of Women’s Rights in America | Your Dream Blog.  

The Road Ahead

Women are still at a higher risk for poverty:

  • Unequal 20 cent wage gap between men and women
  • Bear the burden of low-wage jobs and unpaid caregiving work
  • 1/3 of single mothers live in poverty

Women are still victimized by sexual violence:

  • 33% of women are likely to be abused
  • 4.7 million American women experience physical violence by an intimate partner
  • Women in the U.S. military are more likely to be raped by fellow soldiers than killed in combat

Women are still underrepresented in leadership:

  • 19% of all members of Congress are women
  • Of 50 state governors, 4 are women (8%)
  • Of the Fortune 500 companies, 25 are led by women CEOs (5%)

I want to say that we as women have made a substantial amount of improvements however, your work is not finished. Together, we will continue to fight for our rights for us and further generations.