Art 4.2

Alisha Berg: “Female Effigy Vessel, three shots”

Jayson Carter: “Me and My Friends”

Courtney Eckler: “Round and Round; 7 Days of Shelter; Anonymous; Guitar; New Arc; Faces 6; Dash’s Guitar”

Rebecca Farrow: “Crystallization Detail; Crystallization; Resistance Detail; Resistance”

Larry V. Madrigal: “My Beloved; Alex Cathedral; Foreknown”

Catelyn Mailloux: “Daddy, Four Shots”

Ariana Ramirez: “Chasing Shadows; Shapeshifter; They Talk; Ssstudder”

Katherine Swanson: “Baby Series, Four shots”

Megan Vlietstra: “Wandering the Night She Succumbed; Till Death Does She Part; She Thought She Could Fly”