Submission Guidelines

Submission Deadline:

November, 25th; 11:59 PM


Outrageous Fortune publishes work by undergraduate writers and artists.  We accept poetry, short stories, chapters of novels, a variety of plays, essays, photography, artwork, and films. We do not accept previously published work.

Submissions should be sent as a Microsoft Word document or a .jpg attachment through e-mail to The subject line of your e-mail should include whatever genre you are submitting — poetry, short story, play, etc. The body of your e-mail should contain your cover letter, including your name, your e-mail address, and the title of your piece. Please do not submit in more than one genre at a time, and please wait for our response to a submission before sending another.

Outrageous Fortune acquires first North American publication rights. All rights revert to the author after publication, though we request acknowledgement of first appearance in this journal.

You may submit up to five poems at a time—please be sure to format them as you want them to appear on screen. We are now accepting poetry videos!  If you have a video of yourself in front of a single-color background (wearing appropriate clothing, please!), please submit that with any submissions you send us.

Short Stories and Novel Excerpts:
Fiction should be double spaced, and novel excerpts should be self-contained. You may submit one piece at a time.

Plays, One-Acts, and Dramatic Monologues:
You may submit only one at a time, and be sure to format it as you would like the piece to appear. We are interested in a variety of genres from comedy to abstract.

We are interested in all sorts of creative nonfiction, but we ask that you avoid sending literary criticism. Please submit one essay at a time.

Photography and Artwork:
Send up to five pieces at a time.


You may send up to two pieces at one time.

An electronic submission is like any other submission in that the editors expect a polite, at least semi-formal, cover letter to introduce both writer and submitted material. The cover letter need not be long, but it should include those elements that one generally finds in a business communication: salutation, brief letter (including genre and titles), closing remarks, signature.

As a very general rule, we prefer text in formats that are easily reproduced:  block paragraphs, standard indentations, poems that are mostly left-justified.  This is not an absolute rule, but we prefer that creativity show in the content rather than the format.

Please keep in mind that we will not accept any submissions containing gratuitous violence, sexual imagery, or exploitation of any group.

Be sure to indicate in your subject line what your submission genre is. Thank you for remembering these tips in your submissions to Outrageous Fortune!