Quantitative Reasoning:

Preparing leaders for a changing world

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Quantitative Reasoning:

Preparing leaders for a changing world

And how do you Q?

We all need to be comfortable thinking with numbers.

Whether you’re analyzing complicated data from scientific observations, trying to figure out what social media campaign is most effective in selling your product, or just trying to calculate your next race pace or monthly budget, numbers are part of everyday life.

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Here’s what you can expect to see in the coming months related to Q at MBU:

  • • a physical Q center
  • • online tutorials, Dr Q
  • • redesigned first-year experience (BOLD 101/102 and MBU 101) courses
  • • awards for Undergraduate q research
  • • workshops, speakers, and events highlighting Q
  • • Increase in Q courses
  • • Q Competitive Challenges

A recent National Survey of Student Engagement found that employers are looking for applicants with a strong grasp of numerical concepts regardless of what position they are trying to fill.

That’s exactly where Mary Baldwin’s “Q” plan – a much catchier way to say “quantitative reasoning” – comes into play.

It’s part of the university’s new 10-year Quality Enhancement Plan required for reaffirmaton, and also a very practical movement to help ALL Mary Baldwin students (not just math and science majors):

  • critically interpret data
  • draw conclusions based on numerical evidence
  • communicate quantitative information to others

The Q Factor

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Q Video Tutorials Coming Soon

From Anaya Jones, information literacy librarian

We’re working with faculty to develop a series of self-guided tutorials on several basic quantitative methods. The goal is for these to be available online for students to use any time they are struggling with prerequisite skills.

Video lesson descriptions will be searchable and categorized by the discipline they relate to. This way, students can look for a specific skill or browse tutorials related to a specific major. The database and each video lesson will have its own URL so professors can include a link to the database or a specific video lesson in their Blackboard course or syllabus.

Check back on this page for a link to the database when it is available.

Contact Information

janet ewing mary baldwin

Janet Ewing
Associate Professor of Business
Interim Director of the Q Center