OIT Equipment Checkout Policy:

Multimedia equipment can be checked out to Faculty, Administration/Staff, or students who are designated by their advisor to be responsible on behalf of their organization. (In the event of loss or breakage of equipment checked out by students, the advisor’s department will be charged for the cost of the repair of the equipment.)

Checked out equipment can be used on campus or off campus for Mary Baldwin events and purposes.
No one will remove equipment from this inventory without following the OIT Equipment Checkout Procedure.OIT holds equipment that can be checked out directly by users or can be used by OIT staff in Multimedia setups:

  • Laptops
  • Wired analog microphones and stands
  • Wired USB microphones
  • Wireless USB microphones
  • Packaged PA systems with Speakers
  • Webcams
  • Video projectors
  • PowerPoint clickers
  • Wireless keyboard/trackpads dedicated to the Nuthouse and King 107
  • Portable USB document camera
  • Conference phone

The following list of equipment is scheduled for retirement, so it is only available for checkout following confirmation by the Multimedia support staff in OIT:

  • iPads
  • Cassette Tape players
  • CD Players
  • Overhead transparency projectors

OIT Equipment Checkout Procedure:

The checkout form will be used by faculty, staff and students and also by OIT staff who require the equipment from the checkout inventory for Multimedia Setups.

Access to the form:

The Mary Baldwin Reservation Request form www.marybaldwin.edu/reservation allows the end user to see the description of what equipment is already in the space being reserved and what checkout equipment might still be needed.

The automatic reply to the the Mary Baldwin Reservation Request form (for meeting spaces)  will direct the user to the Multimedia Checkout form.

End users can also get to the form link from http://www.marybaldwin.edu/oit/multimedia-services/

OIT staff can also access the form at https://docs.google.com/a/marybaldwin.edu/forms/d/1LhlCVYca-D0fC10COwelUtrMRmZMRgaiw6yVylyIARw/viewform by pasting this URL into a browser. Chrome will collect your Google account username and insert it into the form.

Filling out the form will populate a spreadsheet of items requested to be checked out, by whom, and from when to when. This spreadsheet serves as a permanent record of checkout requests. Filling out the form populates the Google it-calendar “Checkout Multimedia Equipment” with the user and equipment requested. A PDF version of the request is emailed to the multimedia@marybaldwin.edu distribution list.  The form also initiates a Service Desk ticket.

Upon receipt of the Ticket, the Help Desk staff will update the ticket by changing the Category to Checkout, the Urgency to Low and the Status to Opened. The Due Date should be set to the day before the pick up date. The Help Desk staff will look at the Checkout Multimedia Equipment Google Calendar to ensure that that there is not a prior booking of the equipment. If the equipment requested is already reserved for that time period, the Help Desk staff will assign the ticket to an Instructional Technology staff member who is responsible for Multimedia with a note that there appears to be a double booking. The Instructional Technology staff member will contact the Requester to suggest alternatives and amend or close that ticket.

If there is not a conflict visible on the calendar, the Help Desk staff member will print the PDF of the request, write the Service Desk Ticket number on the paper form, and add a comment with “owners only” unchecked to confirm the equipment reservation, as follows: “Your reservation has been confirmed. Please come to the OIT Help Desk (M-F Between 8:00 and 4:15) on your checkout date to pick up the equipment”. The staff member will place the printed PDF form in a paper folder called “Pending Checkout Requests” where it will be accessible to anyone staffing the Help Desk.

When the Requester comes to the Help Desk to pick up the equipment, the Help Desk staff will locate the equipment and the printed form. The back of the PDF has two columns of checkboxes next to the list of items. This part of the PDF does not populate from the form.  The checkout process includes the Help Desk staff marking the checkbox for which item(s) are being checked out, filling in the ticket number on the form, signing the form, having the user sign the form, handing over the equipment and updating the Comments in the ticket in KACE to indicate that the item has been checked out, and changing the Status to “Customer Intervention Required.”. The Due Date in KACE will also be updated, with the day the equipment is scheduled to be returned. The Help Desk staff will also ensure if the user is checking out a laptop that (s)he logs into the laptop before leaving the OIT office. The paper form will be filed in the “Checked out Equipment” file folder at the Help Desk

When the item is returned, Help Desk staff will retrieve the form from the “Checked out Equipment” file folder, tick off the checkboxes in the second column of form and sign the form to indicate everything was returned in satisfactory condition. The Help Desk staff will then update the ticket to indicate that the equipment was returned and Close the ticket. OIT will file the paper form in the “Checkout Equipment Returned” paper folder where it will be retained for at least 3 months.


The online Multimedia Checkout Request form looks approximately like this:

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