Self-service Password Reset

Mary Baldwin’s Online Microsoft Portal

Resetting a Forgotten Password

After your account setup has been completed you have the ability to reset your forgotten password on your own:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Provide your full MBU email address and click Next.

3. On the “Enter password” screen click “Forgot my password.”


4. The next screen will require you to input your email address and pass a security check.


  • Note: If you have trouble reading the text in the image, you can click the refresh icon to get a new image or click the speaker icon to hear an audio clip.

Verification Check Options

When requesting to reset a forgotten password, you will be required to complete two of the verification checks you chose when you initially set up your account. These options could be alternate email, text to mobile phone, call to mobile phone or answering security questions.

Here are the steps to complete each of these checks:

a. Email

i. Select Email my alternate email then click Email.


ii. Once you receive the email with the verification code, type the code in and click next.



b. Mobile Phone (Text)

i. Select Text my mobile phone, enter your mobile phone number and click Text.


ii. Type the verification code sent to your mobile phone and click Next.


c. Mobile Phone (Call)

i. Select Call my mobile phone, enter your mobile phone number and click call


ii. When the call is answered you will be prompted to press the # key to continue. The screen will automatically advance.

d. Security Questions

i. Select Answer my security questions and type the answers to the questions selected and click Next.


5. After passing the first verification check, you will then select a second verification option from the list.


6. After passing the second verification check you will be prompted for a new password.
Type in your new password twice and click Finish.


7. You will receive a verification message stating that your password has been reset. Click the link to sign in with your new password.