Proposal Submission Procedures

Grants for sponsored programs, including grants for most research, scholarship, and creative activities, are legally binding agreements that commit the College to carry out the work specified in the proposal. Thus, all proposals for external funding must go through an approval process if any of the following conditions apply:

  • The proposed project will involve use of the resources of the College (including personnel, offices, and equipment);
  • The proposed project will provide compensation in the form of release time or extra service pay;
  • The proposed project will require in-kind contributions; and/or
  • As a condition of award, the funding agency requires that the proposed grant be administered by the College.

Some summer fellowship and travel grants do not meet the above conditions and do not need prior approval. When in doubt, contact SPUR.

In addition, if the proposed project involves the use of animals or human subjects, there are special procedures that must be followed to comply with federal guidelines. The Research Compliance section of this web site covers these procedures in detail.

Be sure to allow enough time before your proposal deadline to obtain all required approvals. A simple proposal can generally go through the process within a week, but remember to take into account possible delays during peak academic periods, summers, and breaks. The best practice is to contact the SPUR as soon as you begin working on a proposal.

Contact Lydia Petersson, SPUR Director, (; 540-887-7235) for additional details.

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