Campus Safety Related Fees

Mary Baldwin University applies fees for the following activities that are a function/service provided by Campus Safety:

Lost Keys:

  • Room Key – $30.00
  • Residential Hall (dorm) Key – $55.00
  • Office or Lab Key – $105.00

Room Access Fee:

If Campus Safety has to assist you with access to the Residential Hall and/or your Residential Room due to you not having your keys, you will receive a “Residential Hall and Room Access Ticket”. The assistance will incur a fee of $20.00

Replacement Mary Baldwin ID Card:

  • Broken Card – a replacement card is free for a broken ID Card as long as the ID Card is turned over to Campus Safety at the time of the replacement request.
  • Lost or Stolen ID Card replacement – $20.00

Vehicle Registration Decals:

  • Residential Student – $60.00 per academic year
  • Commuter Student – $30.00 per academic year
    • Replacement decal – $5.00 **Proof of state issued vehicle registration for both vehicles required and current year MBU decal returned**

Parking Violation fees:

All Parking Violations are a $30.00 fee, with two exceptions:

  • Parking In a Fire Lane is a $50.00 fee
  • Parking in a Handicap Parking Only space is a $100.00 fee

  ****All Fees are charged to your Student Account. Fees can be paid in the Student Accounts office or online through your MyMBU.****