The Squirrel’s Corner has integrated sustainable practices into their business from the shop’s inception. The students that run the shop find environmental sustainability to be one of the most important parts of their business. Below are a few of the ways that the Squirrel’s Corner does their part to preserve the environment!

The Squirrel’s Corner purchased Single-Stream recycling bins to take the confusion out of recycling while providing a convenient way for students to recycle!

In an effort to reduce paper and plastic waste, the Squirrel’s Corner will give you 20 cents off of any non bottled drink order when you use your own cup!

Many of our products are sourced locally, such as Route 11 Chips and Coke Products. We are also starting to introduce new, fair-trade products that have the same approach to sustainability that we do!

The Squirrel’s Corner is always looking for new ways to promote and take part in sustainability. If you have any suggestions to improve our sustainability efforts, just talk to one of our Student Attendants at the shop!