Applicant must be Federally work study eligible.

Job Title: PEG Student Driver

Supervisor:  Christy Baker, Director of PEG Student Life

Office/Department:  PEG

Job Duties:  Student Drivers are responsible for the safe transportation of PEG students to various locations, including local grocery stores, medical offices, and off-campus classes.  Student Drivers will occasionally provide rides to the Charlottesville airport and train/bus station.  Student Drivers will use the PEG car and minivan when on duty and are not expected to drive their own vehicles.  When not driving, Student Drivers are expected to help with light office work.


  • Maintain a clean driving record
  • Participate in Campus Safety’s driver training course in order to be added to university auto insurance
  • Report on time for scheduled work hours, and be diligent about informing PEG staff if an absence is anticipated
  • Become familiar with Staunton and the surrounding area
  • Transport students safely to various locations
  • Assist with office tasks (filing, answering phones, etc.)
  • Maintain professional demeanor with students
  • Maintain confidentiality, as drivers are responsible for transporting students to medical appointments
  • Regularly check MBU e-mail for communication from PEG staff

Special skills or knowledge you need:

  • Must be a licensed driver with a clean record
  • Confidence in highway driving
  • Good communication skills

Skills you will develop: Student Drivers will learn to multi-task, as PEG student transportation needs are varied and often overlapping. Student Drivers will gain experience in working with a unique student population. They will develop professionalism and strong interpersonal communication skills.

Hours: 8-10 per week, preferably worked in blocks of 3+ hours at a time.  Afternoon, evening, and weekend hours are available.



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