The Vantage Point: Office of Personal and Professional Development

Your MBU Four Year Plan

Step One...

Explore career fields in tentative majors, begin the self-exploration process; assessing values, interests, skills, and motivation, become aware of career services via The Vantage Point and its programs/workshops, while developing good study skills and establishing a strong GPA.

Step Two...

Decide on a major/career choice, begin to build a personal and professional career network, investigate internships and work-study programs, and research career options after self-assessment.

Step Three...

Build marketable skills, gain career related experience, begin to consider graduate or professional school, utilize Baldwin Job Board and Take AdVantage news-blasts for job search and recruitment, learn about occupations as they relate to your major and interests, become an expert in the online job search process.

Step Four

Narrow and finalize career choice, prepare for graduate or professional school, research labor market, narrow focus on positions and industry openings.


“The Vantage Point has provided me more than skills, but a direction for life.”

E.H., Class 2019