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In the midst of the shift in labor needs, due to COVID-19, the job market in the United States is experiencing great change. While the effects of COVID-19 are still occuring in real time, some of the economic implications will take months or years to affect the job market. When looking at the future of work in the United States, some trends are emerging.

Good News

With the global pandemic, there are expanded opportunities to work at Amazon and CVS-at all levels of employment. Some basic consumer services are also expanding, including some banks, certain retailers of essential goods, and technology support roles. Our public service/government sectors continue to hire, including law enforcement and probation roles, K-12 education and support staff, and other government positions (like parks and recreation, IT departments, and administrative roles). The USAJobs application will want a full list of your work experience, so make sure you prepare that, in addition to your resume and references (more tips here).


Challenging News

People with a high school degree or less will be hit hardest by the COVID-19 job losses.   Industries that have laid off or furloughed the most employees are in restaurants, food preparation/service, and customer service (McKinsey). While finding a meaningful career is important, we want to remind you that hiring teams are often trying to take care of their current employees while juggling onboarding and recruitment efforts, so please be patient and kind as you interact with hiring companies (Handshake webinar). 


In short, you may have to expand your search to a different location, industry, or company, but there are people that want to hire YOU! Invest some time in your professional profile and include interpersonal skills, critical thinking, and communication skills that employers are seeking. Research and hold informational interviews to find new ways to apply your degree and be open to new opportunities and reach out to your network (including professors, coaches and university staff) to help guide you and serve as references on your applications. 

Who is Hiring?

List of 500 employers hiring now, Handshake

Who is Hiring, LinkedIn

Government and Nonprofit opportunities:

Your MBU Four Year Plan

First Year

Explore career fields in tentative majors, begin the self-exploration process; assessing values, interests, skills, and motivation, become aware of career services via The Vantage Point and its programs/workshops, while developing good study skills and establishing a strong GPA.

Second Year

Decide on a major/career choice, begin to build a personal and professional career network, investigate internships and work-study programs, and research career options after self-assessment.

Third Year

Build marketable skills, gain career related experience, begin to consider graduate or professional school, utilize Baldwin Job Board and Take AdVantage news-blasts for job search and recruitment, learn about occupations as they relate to your major and interests, become an expert in the online job search process.

Fourth Year

Narrow and finalize career choice, prepare for graduate or professional school, research labor market, narrow focus on positions and industry openings.


“The Vantage Point has provided me more than skills, but a direction for life.”

E.H., Class 2019