About Us 

The Vantage Point: Office of Personal and Professional Development is a lab of inclusivity, innovation, self-reflection and awareness, where students are empowered to design lives of meaning and purpose.  Rather than remain, ‘Career Services’, the office’s title illustrates a holistic approach to a student’s journey to work of meaning and purpose.  

Mission: To inspire, challenge, and prepare all students to discover work that reflects their values and strengths and to lead lives of purpose and meaning.

Vision: To equip MBU students with the tools to navigate their path to ‘work on purpose’ with clarity, competence, and confidence.


  • Community-We recognize and value the diversity of Mary Baldwin University. The Vantage Point is part of a larger community outside of the University and we strive to be of service whenever and wherever possible.  
  • Wholeness-The Vantage Point is dedicated to guiding students to live a whole, undivided life.  Helping students to understand their strengths and values, to understand who they truly are and living and working in alignment with their true self.   
  • Empowerment- We provide guidance, tools, and experiences to foster empowerment, so that students are able to move forward in life and work responsibly and be change agents.
  • Inclusivity-We embrace differences as strengths that magnify our capacity to achieve shared goals
  • Balance-We are a healthy and balanced work environment.  We value rigor and results and know that those results are achieved more fully when centered.